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Things I Want to Do But Can’t Until I Get My New Laptop

Things I Want to Do But Can’t Until I Get My New Laptop
or: Indiegogo, Disburse My Funds Before I Kick You in the Balls

  1. Edit the hysterically large backlog of product photography I need to send to various Etsy sellers
  2. Watch recent gymnastics events on youtube
  3. Watch last year’s Olympic gymnastics events (again)
  4. Make wedding invitations for a potential client
  5. Put together some photography sets to offer on my Etsy shop
  6. Contact my Indiegogo campaign contributors about their rewards
  7. Collage all prints needed for #6 into quilt-style yardage-size fabric designs to order off Spoonflower
  8. Follow this one tote bag tutorial
  9. Edit my notecard collages so they won’t come out too red next time I place a large print order
  10. Watch new Teen Wolf episodes
  11. Catch up on Elementary
  12. Catch up on Pretty Little Liars
  13. Watch a movie, any movie
  14. Vlog about how much I love my friends
  15. Blog outfits including pieces from Etsy sellers I’ve traded with
  16. Get a website for my photography, fashion and blog where I can tweak my themes into submission
  17. Start offering graphic design for real
  18. Open and run a second Etsy shop for #17
  19. Use my laptop in the library where it’s quiet and there’s AC
  20. Budget my campaign rewards
  21. Take a video of my cat stretching with his paws over his little face
  22. Vlog in response to people being dicks on the Internet (and sometimes off it)
  23. Become active in the blogging community
  24. Play Candy Crush
  25. Play around with typography designs and prints
  26. Start promoting my Etsy shop before my views drop any lower
  27. Use tumblr daily
  28. Keep up with my fandom hangouts in general
  29. Resume my job search
  30. Write a blog post without twitching with impatience every time my browser freezes (i.e. every two words)

Weekly Wishes: This Week’s Goal


The Nectar Collective


This is my first week participating in Weekly Wishes (hosted by the beautiful Melyssa from The Nectar Collective), and it also happens to be the last week of my Indiegogo campaign for my collection of handsewn photography-printed clothing and accessories, so I’m starting small, with a weekly goal (or two), and I’m keeping it campaign-related.

This week’s goal? Sew. I mentioned a couple of entries ago that my campaign was taking a lot out of me in terms of marketing and promotion, and yet I wasn’t making any effort to stay off the computer and work on sewing up the items I had materials for. I’ve been glued to my laptop (and e-mail, and Twitter, and Etsy, and Indiegogo itself) even though it’s hot and frustratingly slow and crashes whenever it feels like it.

So for this week I’m pledging to stay off it as much as possible, and sew. Finish at least one thing a day, but nothing wrong with making more! I have an envelope clutch to finish and one to make up from scratch, lavender sachets to put together, a flared skirt to make from a nice red cotton I bought for practice, and a crop top prototype to sew up now that it’s all cut and baste-stitched. There’s an undone zipper pouch I need to sew up again, this time with straight lines, and a half apron I promised someone. A phone sleeve for my sister, and if I can get around to my rain skirt, all the better. I also have about four yards of Kona cotton in three different prints coming in the mail; if it gets here this week, that will open up some new possibilities.

In the midst of all this, I will: do my best to edit the product photos I owe and have already taken; and take care of myself. If I’m feeling at the end of my rope, I’ll take a break, or pop half a lorazepam, or go for a walk, or play some guitar, or curl into a pretzel from a shoulderstand. I’m doing a lot, not just with the campaign and Etsy and the product photography thing but also in terms of socializing, which is really hard on my psyche, and browsing job listings and applying for jobs in the UK and trying to make that move happen, and not letting stuff get to me. I need to be more in tune with my emotional needs and listen to the signs that my anxiety sends me.

So that’s my goal this week. What’s yours? Go link it up at Melyssa’s blog!

LHP Collection Giveaway!


For the last week of my Indiegogo campaign, I’m giving away the winner’s choice of reward from the fundraiser – up to $50 in value! Take a look at the sidebar here to get an idea of what kind of goodies you can choose from if you win. There are clutches, cosmetic pouches, phone sleeves, padded covers for your e-reader or tablet, and graphic design for your shop or blog, among other things. All you have to do to enter is fill out the Rafflecopter widget at Postcards from Rachel, and you’ll receive an e-mail if you win!

There are only seven (six and a half!) days left on the campaign, so this is my attempt to give it a boost and meet my goal. I really need that new laptop, and I also need Indiegogo to take the 4% cut it takes from successful campaigns, as opposed to the 9% cut it takes from those that fail to meet their goal. Even if you don’t participate in the giveaway, I would love if you could share my campaign with your social media followers, friends, family – anyone you think might be interested! Remember that the rewards are customized and I’ll ask you and work with you to make something you love.

Some handy links:

Thank you!

I can’t do this today. I can’t pretend I’m a functional human being.


I kept the strips of denim fabric leftover from turning a pair of knee-length jeans into short shorts. They’re nice makeshift grips – good for holding onto my footboard bar when I’m on a gymnastics kick.

I’m one of those people who are excellent at giving out advice and awful at internalizing it for themselves. I’m always talking about how important it is to take care of yourself and how real mental health issues are, and at the same time I keep waiting for my brain to give me permission to take a day off. It’s hard to schedule those when you don’t have a schedule to begin with, and you don’t do a certain amount of work every day so you can say, I filled my quota, I deserve a break. I haven’t even been keeping up with my to-do list lately because I’m kind of terrified of it. Only scratch the ‘kind of.’

My sleep schedule is a disaster. It’s been a mess for years, and it gets worse and worse. I got out of bed at 7 PM on Thursday, stayed up all night, went to take a nap at noon Friday, and I only just got up – at 2 PM on Saturday. It’s sunny and hot and I hate waking up when it’s sunny and hot. I like my early mornings. I just can’t seem to be awake for them.

I have a backlog of over a hundred pictures to edit. I keep saying I’m going to do that in sets, first thing after I open my laptop, but my laptop is a pain and a half, and it shuts down when it’s hot, and it’s slow. So the backlog grows, and I owe people pictures, and I owe myself pictures, and a part of me is holding out for my fundraiser to reach its goal so I can buy a new laptop and edit these then – even though that would be way out of my turnaround time and I’d end up doing them on this laptop anyway.


One of the few photos I’ve edited from my last product photo session. If you look closely you can see a navy blue cowl from

My campaign. Oh, my campaign. It’s wreaked havoc on my mood and behavior. To people who are good at marketing or even good at people, it may not sound like a big deal, but all the e-mailing I do, all the tweeting, all the asking – all the messages that are individually written and go ignored – that shit takes a lot out of me. I don’t mean time, I don’t mean work. I mean energy and calmness and optimism.

And of course I keep hoping something will have happened overnight, while I was sleeping, and I wake up to a bunch of group-related e-mails from LinkedIn that I can’t turn off because it won’t give me that option on the page, and a couple of kudos e-mails from the Archive of Our Own, which I like and expect, and that’s it. No sales, no contributions, no responses to my replies to job listings – which I almost pledged I’d stay away from yesterday morning, only to then apply to seven or eight – and no responses to any of my e-mails to bloggers and magazines, either. Or to any tweets. I know many of them are long shots, but you’d think out of the number of them I send, at least a couple would work out.

Statistics aren’t with me.

I actually stopped eating regular meals a while ago. Now I eat when I’m hungry, which is fine with me, which amounts to a proper meal a day and a lot of bread and things, and to be completely honest I’m not worried about this one bit of messed-up life. I feel like it’s freed me in a big way not to force myself to have meals at the proper times when I wasn’t hungry for them. This is just one more way my life is off the tracks, and one more thing for my mom to look worried about.

For all that I keep promoting my campaign, and all that my laptop doesn’t work well, I’ve barely done any offline work on it this week. I cut out panels for a twisted skirt and got halfway through a crop top on Tuesday, and yesterday I finally finished undoing a zipper pouch I sewed askew last week. That’s the whole of it. I have ideas, I have new fabric, but again, a part of me is holding out for my fundraiser to work out before I get to them. This time not because I need it on a functionality level, but because I can’t stop worrying about it, and I can’t switch my brain or my laptop off, and I want a laptop that works so I can do offline work while it’s on and so I don’t have to dread the things I have to do online while it’s off. And while it’s on, honestly. Did I say about the overheating?


These scissors are my mom’s, and they were her grandma’s, and they really desperately need to be sharpened. For now, I mostly just use them to dig into stitches, since none of my newer, sharper scissors have a shear quite as thin as the one pictured.

Maybe one of the worst things is I know what would fix my life. I know what would fix it, but I can’t get it. I need a steady source of income. I’ve said it for a while and it’s still what I need. I need to not have to worry about money, and I need a routine. I want a job, but I can’t find one here. I’ve tried, within the best of my ability I’ve tried. I have a much easier time finding not only jobs but jobs I love and want to do in the UK, but I’m not in the UK, and it’s only so easy to apply to a position knowing they can’t interview you and you can’t just fly over just in case, because you don’t have the funds.

I keep going for it anyway. Don’t let it be said I don’t go for it. My grandma’s coming to live with us for our six months this next week or the one after that and I’ll have to share a room with my sister again and I don’t want to. I can’t. I want to be in the UK. I’m so ready to go for it, even if my bank account isn’t.

Right now I’m tired, and I’m sad, and I need to put in eye drops because my eyes burn, and I’m trying to figure out when to take my paroxetine because I had one Thursday evening and another at 4 AM this morning, and I’m not sure how to schedule the next. I need to get a new prescription at some point, too. I have a mini card order to fill, and I have to order a print for that – but it’s 4 PM, so I can’t do that till Monday now. And I have an apron to make for someone, for sewing practice, and I’d like to make another cosmetics pouch and photograph it for a giveaway that should be going up tomorrow.

And the giveaway’s another bit of the campaign that eats at me, because it’s the last week of it, and okay, it’s a product-based campaign, I’ll keep going after it, I’ll actually set up shop with my collection, but I need my new laptop. And whenever I wake up to no new contributions, I think maybe once the giveaway’s going, they’ll speed up.

But what if, like every other time, nothing happens?

Hello, Mail: My Week So Far

It looks like the postal system has finally stopped hating me – I’ve got five packages so far this week, though sadly none today. Still! What I was most excited to get was probably a yard of basic cotton from Spoonflower featuring my Puzzle Pieces photograph.



It looks so good – I can’t wait to make it into a crop top! Want one of your own, or a tee, or something else featuring this print? Head over to my Indiegogo campaign and claim your favorite reward!

On Tuesday I got something business-related, too – a Samsung Galaxy S4 I ordered for a customer. I was absolutely thrilled with how it came out – it looks so good I went a little overboard photographing it. But that only means I am now comfortable offering Samsung Galaxy cases on my Etsy shop. Have yet to edit all the listings, but I added a couple of models as listing variations, so you can get your own just by picking your phone from the dropdown menu when you check out.

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